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Together, let's sow the seeds of sustainability & nurture a greener Raigarh, for a better tomorrow!

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Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to promote sustainable and transparent plantation practices in the industrial sector of Raigarh District through the implementation of blockchain-based plantation monitoring system. By ensuring compliance with regulations and monitoring the impact of CSR initiatives, we strive to mitigate the environmental impact and contribute to the overall environmental stewardship.

We envision a future where industrial growth and environmental conservation are in perfect harmony, and the industrial sector takes a proactive role in preserving the environment. Our plantation initiative for a greener Raigarh is just one step towards realizing this vision, and we aim to continue innovating and collaborating to promote sustainable industrial practices in Raigarh District Chhattisgarh.

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Building a Greener Raigarh: Industry-Exclusive Plantation Initiative
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Green Raigarh is an initiative by the Raigarh District Chhattisgarh aimed at creating a sustainable and greener future for Raigarh through a better tree-plantation monitoring system.

Green Raigarh promotes sustainability through transparent plantation practices in the industrial sector via blockchain, ensuring compliance with regulations, and monitoring the impact of CSR initiatives.

The initiative has had a significant impact in Raigarh by streamlining the process of tracking the plantation activities by the industries. In the future, the issuance of carbon credits also aim to enhance accountability in evaluating plantation goals.

The project has been initiated by the District Administration of Raigarh Chhattisgarh in partnership with Near Protocol and Airchains.

No, industries are not required to pay to participate in this initiative. They simply need to partner with the application.

As of now, only industries are eligible to participate in this initiative.